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ARC-GM Research Internship Programme

Our Internship Programme is an introduction to research for registered health and care professionals (excluding doctors and dentists) in Greater Manchester.

Internships are for 30 days (or 225 hours), to be used flexibly over 12 months to suit the needs of the intern’s current role and work life balance.

We will be recruiting for the next internship cohort in Autumn 2022.

The internship programme is aimed specifically at health and care professionals who have an interest in exploring the possibilities of a research career combined with their current professional role and who may benefit from undertaking postgraduate research study.

There is no backfill provided however our internships do provide:

  • The chance to enhance research knowledge and skills through first-hand, supervised experience of applied health research
  • A training budget and the option to undertake a fully funded Masters’ level research module
  • A chance to explore opportunities for postgraduate study in research

Applicants from diverse backgrounds, social care and public health disciplines are particularly encouraged to apply.

Our NIHR ARC-GM internships are based at the University of Manchester. Internships have been designed to be as flexible and inclusive as possible and will be delivered fully online to meet stringent University accessibility requirements.

The University of Manchester has made significant adjustments to ensure that interns receive an excellent experience despite the pandemic restrictions.

Each intern is matched to a primary academic supervisor within NIHR ARC-GM and the topic for each internship is aligned to at least one of our research themes.

If you interested in applying for our internship programme, all of the associated application information for the 2020/21 cohort can be accessed below.

Meet our 2020 - 2021 interns 

2021-2022 Internship Video

Watch our recent webinar where you can find all about the recent experiences of our 2021/2022 interns (15:38 – 1:01:37), what the 2021/2022 internship programme involves (3:36 - 14:42), and how to apply (1:03:06 - 1:17:58).

How to apply for the 2022-23 Internship Programme