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We are committed to ensure that our work is used in practice, influences decision making and assists with the design of future work; as part of this we have made all of our resources freely available to download.

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New Game, Old Rules? Mechanisms and Consequences of Legitimation in Boundary Spanning Activities

Author(s): Kislov R, Hyde P & McDonald R

Journal: Organization Studies

Work completed under CLAHRC GM


The policy work of pilioting: mobilising and managing conflict and ambiguity in the English NHS
A service improvement ‘tool kit’ for effective heart failure management in primary care

Author(s): Astin F, Burey L & Cook P

Journal: British Journal of Cardiac Nursing

Work completed under CLAHRC GM


Normative Values for Corneal Nerve Morphology Assessed Using Corneal Confocal Microscopy: A Worldwide Normative Dataset
What is rehabilitation potential? Development of a theoretical model through the accounts of healthcare professionals working in stroke rehabilitation services
Development of a patient=centred, patient-reported outcome measure (PROM) for post-stroke cognitive rehabilitation: qualitative interviews with stroke survivors to inform design and content.
Does patient experience of multimorbidity predict self-management and health outcomes in a prospective study in primary care?
Overview of the prevalence, impact, and management of depression and anxiety in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Self-management interventions in patients with long-term conditions: a structured review of approaches to reporting inclusion, assessment, and outcomes in multimorbidity
Exploring the relationship between cognitive illness representations and poor emotional health and their combined association with diabetes self-care. A systematic review with meta-analysis.
Capacity, responsibility, and motivation: a critical qualitative evaluation of patient and practitioner views about barriers to self-management in people with multimorbidity
How does mental-physical multimorbidity express itself in lived time and space? A phenomenological analysis of encounters with depression and chronic physical illness
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