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Digital Health 

Working with local health and social care partners, industry and the Greater Manchester Care Record, to design, evaluate and implement digital technologies to support disease prevention, self-management , integrated and personalised care.

Digital Health

We are applying rigorous methods to design, implement and evaluate new digital technology in the NHS to support disease prevention, self-management, integrated and personalised care.  

We do this by:

  • Assessing patient, professional and public understanding of attitudes to digital health technologies including: triage, artificial intelligence (AI), patient portals and patient held records. 
  • Working with NHS partners to facilitate the implementation of digital health.
  • Develop ing and evaluating technologies that support self-management of long-term conditions.
  • Developing and evaluating personalised apps to reduce risk behaviour.
  • Identifing mechanisms that increase patient and professional adoption of digital health technologies and their impact.
  • Understanding and addressing digital health inequities caused or exacerbated by introducing digital technology in health and care settings.


Lead for Digital Health


Prof. Dawn Dowding

Professor in Clinical Decision Making at The University of Manchester and Chair of the Digital Nursing forum at the Royal College of Nursing.



Deputy Lead for Digital Health



Dr Sabine Van Der Veer

Senior Lecturer in Health Informatics at The University of Manchester






For more information contact:


Dr Ross Atkinson

Digital Health Theme Progamme Manager



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