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Public and Community Involvement and Engagement Panel

Our vision is to ensure that public voices and our communities are at the heart of our research; working with a panel of local people from different backgrounds to help inform our research priorities and realise our ambition of improving the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Greater Manchester through applied research.


We are working with Health Innovation Manchester to ensure that the voices of local people are at the heart of all we do. To reflect this ambition, we have established a substantial Public and Community Involvement and Engagement Panel (PCIE) which brings together 18 local people from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Panel members also bring a range of skills, knowledge and lived experience to our portfolio of applied research.

Panel members were recruited in a variety of ways, but this included reaching out to connect with under-represented communities and marginalised groups so that the panel could be representative of some of the diverse communities of Greater Manchester (GM).

Like the wider population, panel members are also NHS patients and care users, and often have experienced their own health problems. This lived experience is enabling us to better understand how to support people living with long term conditions.

How the Panel Contribute:

  • Bring public perspectives and insights that enable us to realise our ambition to improve the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Greater Manchester through applied research
  • Help inform our priorities by enabling us to better understand the issues that are important to local people including different communities and social groups
  • Co-develop the NIHR ARC-GM PCIE strategy
  • Ensure that our co-production approaches meet public member needs and public members are able to contribute to the development of our research projects
  • Contribute to NIHR ARC-GM Governance and decision making

Relationships are key to meaningful involvement and engagement and panel members often have connections to other grass roots community groups, charities and other valuable networks.


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PCIE Manager

Aneela McAvoy



PCIE Co-ordinator

Joanna Ferguson


PCIE Panel Member Video

Community Champions

Our core panel also act as Community Champions providing links to multiple voluntary and community groups enabling us to be more inclusive and involve and engage seldom heard and marginalised groups.  This really adds value and some of the connections and lived experience that panel members bring including their links to: