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Our Team

We are a collaboration of researchers, clinicians, health care professionals, members of the public and support professionals, working together with NHS and Social Care colleagues, industry and community partners.

Dr. Adrian Parry-Jones


Digital Health Theme

Dr. Akbar Ullah

Research Fellow

Organising Care Theme

Prof. Alistair Burns


Healthy Ageing Theme

Dr Amelia Parchment

Research Associate

Healthy Ageing Theme

Dr. Amy Mathieson

Research Associate

Implementation Science Theme

Dr. Andrew Grundy

Research Associate

Mental Health Theme

Aneela McAvoy

PCIE Manager

Anna Wilding

Research Fellow

Economic Sustainability Theme

Dr. Annemarie Money

Research Fellow

Healthy Ageing Theme

Prof. Arpana Verma

Co-Lead for Public Health

Aylish Mackenzie

Research Assistant

Healthy Ageing Theme

Barshana Goswami

PhD Fellow

Economic Sustainbility Theme

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