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Public and Community

Involvement & Engagement

Our vision is to ensure that public voices and our communities are at the heart of our research. They will be our partners in everything we do to deliver high quality research that improves the health and wellbeing of the people of Greater Manchester and beyond.

1. Maximise Diversity and Inclusion - by identifying and developing an understanding of the values and needs of our Greater Manchester communities, especially those currently underserved in research and seldom heard

2. Develop Collaborative Approaches - across Greater Manchester amplifying the quality of public involvement and engagement conducted across our region by working together with, health and care organisations, research infrastructures, voluntary groups and universities, adopting a ‘One Greater Manchester’ approach

3. Develop Effective Co-Production Approaches – that are innovative and inclusive enabling the public voice to actively influence the research that we do and the methods that we use

4. Support Best Practice – embedding the six National Standards for Public Involvement across our involvement and engagement work and supporting training to ensure best practice

5. Evaluate How We Are Making a Positive Difference – capturing and sharing the learning of what works and what doesn’t work to support and influence improvements in our approach.

Our principles

1. Respect and value all people equally and see their experiences as an asset

2. Promote a culture of inclusion that actively seeks and involves people with diverse experiences and opinions and reflect these in our research and decision-making

3. Value and build on people’s existing capabilities and existing community action associated with health and care



4. Breakdown boundaries and support working together enabling and empowering people and communities to be actively involved in research, providing resources and support where needed

5. Work flexibly and inclusively to accommodate the needs of those with whom we work, infrastructures, voluntary groups and universities, adopting a ‘One Greater Manchester’ approach


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If you would like to know more about our PCIE approach, or you are interested in getting involved please contact:


PCIE Manager

Aneela McAvoy 


Our strategy

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Public & Community Involvement and Engagement

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