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Connecting Communities

Public and Community Involvement & Engagement events across Greater Manchester, hosted by our PCIE Team and Forum. 

Our vision is to ensure that public voices and our communities are at the heart of our research. We promote a culture of inclusion that actively seeks and involves people with diverse experiences and opinions and reflect these in our research and decision-making.

Part of our PCIE strategy is to engage with Greater Manchester communities, especially diverse and seldom heard communities fostering community led approaches asking for feedback to ensure our research considers their needs and preferences. 

In a series of both online and face to face events, we aim to provide opportunities for the communities of Greater Manchester to connect  and maximise inclusive participation.

Find out more about these events below.



Connecting communities event 2021

From 18th October to 21st October 2021

A festival of activities and presentations to showcase and celebrate the way in which the communities of Greater Manchester have come together in an inclusive way during the pandemic.

The week was organised with the aim to learn more the impact this work had on maximising diversity and inclusion in public involvement and engagement activities.

You can access all of the sessions from the week and read more about the festival here...

Addressing health inequalities workshop

18th March 2022

 In collaboration with NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre, we invited multiple stakeholders and community organisations to a workshop at Gorton Monastery. 

The aim of the day was to discuss and define an agenda for action relevant to applied research to address health inequalities, and inequalities in patient safety in the context of health and care services.

Find out more here...




Hidden LIVE 

Hidden LIVE is a collaboration between a vibrant group of young people, Made by Mortals, the NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre (GM PSTRC) and our Mental Health research team.  

During Mental Health Awareness week 2022, we took the Hidden LIVE show to the Royal Northern College of Music

The performance include an immersive listening experience of a pre-recorded podcast written and performed by the young people, as well as music crafted by them and a live performance from the perspective of a caseworker from Children’s and Adolescents Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Find out more about the Hidden LIVE Event, click here...



The Research Engagement Network Development Programme  (REND)

The Research Engagement Network Development Programme is intended to be the learning phase of a longer, phased programme of support for integrated care systems, the research community, voluntary, community and social enterprise, and local communities to work more closely on research, building the blocks for strong partnership working.

Read more here...





Upcoming events 

Find out about future community engagement events on our Events Calendar.

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