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Previous Work (CLAHRC GM)

Heart Failure

We do not have any active heart failure work, but during the initial CLAHRC Greater Manchester (2008-2013) heart failure was a key priority; we worked with a number of primary, secondary and tertiary care NHS partners, along with patient groups to develop, design, implement and evaluate a range of interventions designed to improve heart failure care.

Our most substantial work was the development and use of the Greater Manchester Heart Failure Investigation Tool (GM-HFIT), where we worked with over 55 GP Practices from NHS Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS Bury Clinical Commissioning Group, and NHS Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group.

We also worked with the Community Specialist Heart Failure Nursing Team from the University Hospital of South Manchester (now Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust), to develop, implement and evaluate the use of heart failure alert cards to assist with the identification of heart failure patients under the care of the specialist nursing team.

More information

For any further information about our work on heart failure please contact Michael Spence (Programme Manager).

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