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Exploiting Technologies

Programme aim

Projects within this programme of work aimed to help make the most of new and existing technologies or tools to help address key healthcare issues. The focus of work in this programme was upon developing and assessing novel applications of both newly-emerging and well-established technologies that can potentially provide alternative patient assessment or monitoring systems to help in the prevention and ongoing management of physical disorders (including diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions) – thus making a significant impact on patient healthcare systems.

Work in this programme was partly developmental (in generating new technology/tools) and was research-focused, but it was also centrally concerned with assessing the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of these technological solutions when applied in different clinical domains, care pathways or organisational settings. Through this, the work aimed to identify any major barriers and enablers affecting their implementation and roll-out.

Key objectives

  • To promote and support projects that focus upon developing and/or assessing novel applications of recently-emerging or well-established technologies to particular healthcare issues or settings.

  • To produce practical solutions and recommendations based upon assessing the feasibility of implementing technological solutions in practice.

  • To contribute more widely to knowledge about key factors influencing the implementation and embedding of technological solutions in clinical practice.

More information

For any further information about our Exploiting Technology programme please contact McShane(Programme Manager).

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