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PhD Study: How does the process of developing products for knowledge mobilisation in healthcare research influence their potential application?

What’s the aim of the study?
This work aims to understand the factors which drive and influence the development of ‘products’ from healthcare research such as toolkits, dashboards and actionable tools. It will look at how stakeholders are involved in the development of those products and what factors from the process of their development might influence their use in practice.


Why is it important?
The development of products that aim to get knowledge into practice (also known as ‘knowledge mobilisation’, ‘knowledge translation’ and ‘knowledge exchange’) is on the rise, in part due to the increasing need for academics to demonstrate research impact. Currently, we do not know how useful such products are and whether the manner in which they are developed influences their use in practice.


Who is the PhD student?
Charlotte Sharp is a clinical Rheumatologist for Health Education England (North West) and is working on this PhD study as time out of programme from Specialist Training. She is interested in improving service delivery for patients, and has expertise in quality improvement and the implementation of healthcare research.


Who else is involved?
This PhD is being supervised by Professor Ruth Boaden at Alliance Manchester Business School, and Dr Caroline Sanders and Professor Will Dixon at the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health. The study is based in the Alliance Manchester Business School.


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More information
For more information please contact Dr Charlotte Sharp