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The Greater Manchester Public and Community Involvement and Engagement (PCIE) Forum

Working together across Greater Manchester to involve and engage with members of the public and community groups, to harness resources, avoid duplication and to innovate in new approaches to public and community involvement and engagement.  


There has been increasing reference to the value of involving and engaging members of the public and communities in health and care research, innovation and system improvement. Greater Manchester has seen extensive activity from multiple organisations all working to improve Public and Community Involvement and Engagement (PCIE).

In working together there is an opportunity to harness resources, avoid duplication and to innovate in new PCIE approaches and methods.

The forum brings together leaders (both staff and public) of public and community involvement and engagement from health and care organisations linking with the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Greater Manchester (ARC-GM) and Health Innovation Manchester including:

  • Universities within Greater Manchester;
  • NIHR infrastructure;
  • Health and social care providers;
  • The GM Health and Social Care Partnership;
  • Voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.

Purpose & aims

The forum works together to share information, resources, ideas that will support diverse public involvement and engagement reflecting needs and priorities of individuals and communities in Greater Manchester.

This will support collective activity with maximum reach and impact and will support the mission to improve health and well being of the Greater Manchester population. Our aims are:

  • To map PPIE strategies/activities across Greater Manchester relevant to health and well being and associated with research, education and service provision
  • To work collaboratively to support best practice
  • To network and to develop shared activities and outputs (e.g. an annual conference, a charter of shared values and priorities) that enhance the reach and impact of our public involvement and engagement

Contact information

PCIE Manager

Aneela McAvoy




PCIE Co-ordinator

Joanna Ferguson

Current Members

Public & Community Involvement and Engagement

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