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Young People Advisory Research Group (YPAG)

Our vision is to ensure that public voices and our communities are at the heart of our research.


The Young People Advisory Research Group (YPAG) is made up of 20 young people aged  16-24 and was established in July 2022. Our group members come from range of communities and backgrounds across Greater Manchester.

The group help inform our research priorities and realise our ambition of improving the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Greater Manchester through applied research.

Group aims

The aims below were decided by group members during their initial team meeting. 

  • Make things better for young people in Greater Manchester
  • Use community inspiration to ensure communities benefit from research
  • Designing opportunities for young people to be involved in research
  • Make research more interesting for young people
  • Design research
  • Increase skills and confidence and get to know the group better
  • Have a better understanding of research
  • Find opportunities and understand varied career pathways

Meet the team




Below are a few examples of the projects our young people have co-produced or been involved in. 

Hidden LIVE: Adam's Story

Hidden LIVE is a collaboration between a vibrant group of young people, Made by Mortals, the NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre (GM PSTRC) and our Mental Health research team.   It is an immersive performance that will challenge you to encounter life as a young person struggling with their mental health.

Ashgan blogged about her experience of being involved with Hidden LIVE, read the blog in full here. 

Creative Community Output

In 2020/21, we undertook a piece of research co-designed with local community groups, exploring responses to the COVID-19 vaccination programme and local community experiences during the pandemic.

As part of this, interviews and discussion groups were done with members of diverse groups in Greater Manchester, with a focus on groups that had been affected more by the pandemic.  We are now co-developing a creative and accessible output with the YPAG for the communities that the research is relevant to.   This will help tell the story of what the research found and aid more discussions around the findings. 

Read more about the project here. 

ABouT Research

The ABouT Research study is aimings to understand reasons of mistrust or trust in digital health technologies and research among Muslims and learn approaches. 

This project involves carrying out a series of focus groups in mosques across the UK and YPAG have joined the initial remote steering group. Public Community Involvment and Engagement will support the project in evaluating our research approach as well as research outputs and their relevance to building the trust among Muslims.

Read more about the study here.

Young Persons' Mental Health Event

On Thursday 8th February 2024, two young people from Greater Manchester led an event with research teams from Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust; Manchester Metropolitan University, Made by Mortals, 42nd Street, Mindset Revolution and the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Greater Manchester (ARC-GM), to plan better ways to engage young people in mental health research through innovative participatory methods supporting young people to have a voice.

To ensure this young persons' mental health event was relevant, relatable and reached out to young people, it was important for our ARC-GM YPAG members  to have a significant contribution to its planning and delivery.

YPAG members, Beatrice and Ash, not only contributed to the event's planning but also took on the roles of hosts and facilitators on the evening. 

Find out more here

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