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Kidney Health

Programme aims

Our kidney health programme aimed to develop and evaluate a whole systems approach to improve the identification and management of kidney disease in the context of supporting vascular health and addressing vulnerability.

As a key vulnerable group, there was a specific focus on patients with acute kidney injury (AKI). These patients needed careful management as they are at risk of other associated health complications.

The objectives of our kidney health programme were:

  • As there is limited evidence supporting some improvement initiatives we aimed to produce evidence to demonstrate how effective they are, and how they can best be delivered;

  • Build relationships with the key regional and national organisations to support delivery of future projects and clinical care;

  • Increase understanding and involvement of professionals and the general public to raise the profile of kidney health;

  • Support self-management for patients, to improve safety and kidney care.

The kidney health programme consists of several closely aligned research and implementation projects.


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Please contact Susan Howard (Programme Manager).

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