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Salford kidney intervention project: to prevent acute kidney injury and optimise vascular health in Primary Care

What did we do?

We evaluated an initiative aimed to raise the profile and potentially prevent cases of acute kidney injury (AKI) and optimise vascular health in primary care.


Why is it important?

Up to one in five emergency admissions into hospital are associated with AKI, with evidence of increased frequency, intensity and duration of hospitalisation. AKI is a syndrome which is common, harmful, costly and preventable, and it is associated with significantly worse short and long-term outcomes.


How did we do it?

The overall aim of the project was to deliver and evaluate the process of implementation of the sick day guidance card initiative.


Phase 1: A sick day guidance card was administered by general practices and community pharmacists to some patients who may have benefited from stopping certain medicines (those listed on the cards) during illness (to avoid damaging the kidneys).


Phase 2: Medicine management/practice pharmacists in primary care implemented kidney health initiatives to support AKI prevention.


We analysed the implementation of the sick day guidance cards in general practice and community pharmacy, and determined the factors influencing the implementation of kidney health initiatives to patients at risk of AKI.


We gained an understanding of the role of medicine management pharmacists play in implementing kidney health quality improvement initiatives.


The following resources form a key part of this project:



Who did we work with?

NHS Salford CCG

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust


Downloadable resources



More information

For further information, please contact Susan Howard (Programme Manager) or Tom Blakeman (Principle Investigator)