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Long-term conditions tools

What did we do?

To improve assessment and review processes in community and primary care settings, we worked on the implementation of two electronic needs assessment tools: the Greater Manchester Electronic Long-term Conditions Integrated Assessment Tool (GM-ELIAT) and the Greater Manchester Electronic Long-term Conditions Integrated Review Template (GM-ELIRT).

Why was it important?

Long-term conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers and chronic respiratory diseases represent a leading threat to human health and development and are the world’s biggest killers. Due to an ageing population, it is expected that increased demands on services will result from expanding numbers of older people with multiple long-term conditions and social care needs. Multimorbidity increases the risk of unplanned hospital admission, extended length of hospital stay and premature death.

How did we do it?

GM-ELIAT and GM-ELIRT encourage a shared, integrated approach to care. Both are designed to provide more time-efficient, patient-orientated processes to identify, address and monitor needs with the potential to reduce unplanned hospital admissions, enhance patients’ experience of health and social care and improve quality of life.


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More information

For more information please contact Trish Gray (Research Fellow).