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Integrated long-term conditions review template available to CCGs, GP practices and clinical system suppliers

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Integrated long-term conditions review template available to CCGs, GP practices and clinical system suppliers

The Greater Manchester Electronic Long-term conditions Integrated Review Template (GM-ELIRT) provides an integrated, individualised review for patients with multimorbidity (two or more long-term conditions), and is available to clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), GP practices and clinical system suppliers. The template can be used by all members of the primary care team to:

  • Provide holistic patient-centred reviews for patients with multimorbidity
  • Identify and address unmet needs which may be missed during single disease reviews
  • Identify comorbid risks and promote early intervention
  • Streamline the review process by reducing the number of review appointments required
  • Reduce the number of unscheduled appointments made by patients if multiple needs are addressed at one appointment
  • Reduce the repetition found when single disease templates are used for patients with multimorbidity
  • Enhance the quality of the review by the use of a range of risk assessment tools
  • Standardise the review process at a practice or CCG level.

The GM-ELIRT was piloted in 16 GP practices across Greater Manchester and received a favourable response overall; many found that it assisted in providing a thorough review, was easy to navigate and saved time when managing patients with multimorbidity. Some suggested modifications that would improve the flow from page to page (further details are provided in the evaluation report).

The template has now been refined to reflect the feedback; the amendments, new design and benefits can be found in the GM-ELIRT overview. There are three versions; to guide potential users through each page and highlight all of the tool’s functions, a user guide is available for each version: EMIS Web, SystmOne and Vision. Following positive feedback during the pilot, NHS Salford CCG is preparing to procure a clinical system supplier to recreate a Salford-specific version of the GM-ELIRT across all GP practices in Salford. NHS Bury CCG have also shown interest.

How to obtain the GM-ELIRT Please email to obtain a copy of the GM-ELIRT, providing the following information:

  • Name
  • Organisation/company
  • Contact details
  • Clinical system.

You must have one of the three clinical systems installed in your GP practice to be able to view the template. For EMIS Web and SystmOne users, once you have obtained a copy, follow the import instructions. Please contact Caroline O’Donnell, Information analyst,with anyquestions relating to importing the EMIS and SystmOne versions. For Vision users, you can access a copy from the download web files section of Vision+ and follow the download guide. Please contact your INPS rep with questions relating to downloading. NHS organisations can use, amend and share the GM-ELIRT without charge, as long as they acknowledge the NIHR CLAHRC Greater Manchester as the originator and retain the copyright statement on the tool.

Once in receipt of the tool, users will be responsible for updating the contents to ensure that the template remains relevant to clinical practice. Currently, QOF updates are not delivered directly via the EMIS Web and SystmOne versions of the GM-ELIRT, users would need to contact their clinical system supplier directly to discuss this option. The Vision version, however, will be directly updated and circulated via INPS. Non-NHS organisations are also eligible to use the GM-ELIRT without charge but should seek permission from CLAHRC GM by contacting

If you have any comments about the GM-ELIRT we would love to hear from you; please contact Dr Trish Gray.


Date Published: 27/01/2015