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Our Team

We are a collaboration of researchers, clinicians, health care professionals, members of the public and support professionals, working together with NHS and Social Care colleagues, industry and community partners.

Katrina McNally

Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Laura Anselmi

Senior Research Fellow

Economic Sustainability

Lily Mott

Project Support Co-ordinator

Dr. Lisa Brunton

Research Associate

Implementation Science

Liwei Mou

PhD Fellow

Organising Care Theme

Dr Louise Hussey

Research Fellow

Implementaion Science

Mental Health Theme

Dr Louise Laverty

Research Associate

Digital Health Theme

Dr. Luke Munford

Senior Lecturer

Economic Sustainability

Health Inequalities

Dr. Marcello Morciano

Deputy Lead for Economic Sustainability

Prof. Martyn Regan

Co-Lead for Public Health

Prof. Matt Sutton

ARC-GM Deputy Director

Lead for Economic Sustainability

Melissa Surgey

PhD Fellow

Economic Sustainability

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