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Our Team

We are a collaboration of researchers, clinicians, health care professionals, members of the public and support professionals, working together with NHS and Social Care colleagues, industry and community partners.

Mia Bennion

PhD Fellow

Mental Health

Prof. Michelle Briggs

Training Lead

Mike Spence

Senior Programme Lead

Economic Sustainability

Implementation Science

Prof. Dame Nicky Cullum

ARC-GM Director

Lead for Organising Care

Prof. Niels Peek

Deputy Lead for Digital Health

Norina Gasteiger

PhD Fellow

Digital Health Theme


Paul Wilson

Lead for Implementation Science

Dr. Paul Clarkson

Co-Lead for Social Care

Dr. Pauline Nelson

Research Fellow

Organising Care Theme

Prof. Penny Bee

Deputy Lead for Mental Health

Dr. Penny Lewis

Deputy Training Lead

Prof. Peter Bower

Lead for Evaluation

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