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Public Health

Working with local Greater Manchester and national public health partners to co-produce applied health and care research, to assist with improving health promotion, prevention of ill health, and health protection.

Public Health

Public health initiatives and interventions are usually designed to prevent disease, prolonging life and promote health through organised community efforts or through the informed choices of society, public, private, voluntary organisations and communities at large

There are 10 essential public health functions/services describing the public health activities[1]:

  • Monitoring community health situations to identify and solve health problems and prevent any health risks in the community;
  • Investigating and diagnosing specific health threats and health hazards in the community with the view to their early prevention;
  • Through modern technology in communication, informing, educating and empowering people in the community about health issues and challenges and their interventions;
  • Identifying/investigating and solving any problems of public health importance;
  • Through the full participation of people, developing policies and plans that support individual and combined health efforts in the community;
  • Ensuring effective enforcement of laws and regulations that protect environmental health and assure the safety of the population;
  • Linking people to needed personal health services and ensuring the provision of quality health care when otherwise unavailable;
  • Assuring the availability of effective public health workforce and competent healthcare personnel in both public and private facilities;
  • Objectively evaluating efficiency, effectiveness, accessibility and quality of personal as well as population-based health care facilities and services and
  • Undertaking study/research for new insights and innovative solutions to effectively counter prevailing and emerging health problems.

We are working with local Greater Manchester, and national, partners and funders to co-produce research and provide new knowledge on the benefits, costs, acceptability and wider impacts of interventions intended to improve the health of the public, and reduce inequalities in health.


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