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Prioritising Action On Diabetes In Greater Manchester

What are we trying to do?

We are working with Health Innovation Manchester, University College London, and Novo Nordisk to address the urban diabetes challenge in Greater Manchester.


Why is it important?

415 million adults have diabetes worldwide, an estimated 160,000 people in Greater Manchester, these numbers are predicted to rise. The complications caused by diabetes lead to around 1,000 premature deaths each year among the population of Greater Manchester. Almost 66% of people with type II diabetes live in urban areas. There is a need for greater understanding of how urban living impacts on type II diabetes risk, prevalence and health inequalities.


Greater Manchester has joined other cities across the world participating in the Global Cities Changing Diabetes Programme. Together we will further understanding of the burden of diabetes and its social and cultural determinants, with the ambition to reduce the impact of type 2 diabetes on a regional and global scale.


How will we do it?

The mixed methods study will:


  • Apply the ‘rule of halves’ framework’ to routine data to identify gaps in the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with type II diabetes in Greater Manchester.
  • Explore the social and cultural factors that make certain groups of people living in Greater Manchester vulnerable or resilient to type II diabetes and its complications.


Who are we working with?


More information

For more information please contact Pete Bower (Evaluation Theme Lead)