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Greater Manchester (GM) Falls Management and Exercise (FaME) Programme Support Offer

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Greater Manchester (GM) Falls Management and Exercise (FaME) Programme Support Offer

The University of Manchester and partners are offering to support FaME adoption, delivery and improvement in Greater Manchester. FaME is an evidence based falls prevention intervention which includes strength and balance exercises, as well as other components of fitness and activities. It is suitable for older adults including those with a range of health conditions.


Working alongside the National FaME Implementation Team (N-FIT) and as part of the Falls Exercise Implementation (FLEXI) and Cost Analysis Research Study. The project team will be working across Greater Manchester over the coming 2 years to support the integration of the programme.


All interested Greater Manchester Localities are welcome to participate in the N-FIT offer whilst the FLEXI Research Team will work more closely with a number of GM Localities to understand and specifically improve the delivery of the FaME Programme.

If interested then an expression of Interest (EOI) Form is available HERE, to be completed by Thursday 5th May 2022.


Please contact Jason Bergen at for a further discussion or support for completing the EOI. Further information is outlined below.


What is N-FIT - The National FaME Implementation Team?

‘Enabling older people to get up, stay up and live their best lives’

The National FaME Implementation Team is a group of experts with specific knowledge on training and delivery of FaME, falls prevention pathways and policy drivers for falls prevention. They intend to:

  • update and improve the FaME Implementation Toolkit;
  • provide advice and support on delivery, evaluation and outcomes;
  • facilitate a Community of Practice for FaME instructors (PSIs), providers and commissioners. 


Please see further information HERE


What is FLEXI Falls Exercise Implementation and Cost Analysis Research Study?

In addition to the GM offer through N-FIT we also are offering additional research support to 3-5 areas over the next 18 months. The FLEXI Study aims to understand how best to increase the availability and quality of the FaME Programme in Greater Manchester (as well as in Devon and the East Midlands).  FLEXI will be working more closely with some GM Localities to:

  • Understand how FaME is currently delivered in practice
  • Develop insight into how FaME might be adapted to improve quality standards and outcomes
  • Work in new areas or with new under-serviced/marginalised populations


The FLEXI Research Team are looking for different types of FaME delivery and partners to work with in order to learn how to improve adoption and implementation of FaME more widely.


Link to FLEXI website

Additional Information here:


On Thursday 24th March 2022 the Greater Manchester Falls Collaborative Event –Evidence-Based Strength and Balance Falls Prevention focused on the Falls Management Exercise (FaME) Programme with partners. The event gave an overview of the Greater Manchester FaME Support Offer  


  • You can watch a recording of the launch event here
  • The slides from the webinar can be viewed here
  • Mapping of falls prevention activities and strength and balance delivery across Greater Manchester in 2021 fed into the “Falls Prevention in Greater Manchester – Delivering Integration and Reconditioning Report” see launch event and report here.


Published 28/03/2022