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Evaluation of the Greater Manchester Falls Lifting Pilot Service

What is the Greater Manchester Falls Lifting service?

The aim of the Greater Manchester Falls Lifting Service is to provide a universal 24/7 lift service across GM, with a view to:


  • To improve response times for lifting non-injured people who have fallen across Greater Manchester 
  • Improve outcomes for people 
  • Reduce unnecessary ambulance call outs for non-emergency falls 
  • Increase referrals to more appropriate services.


The initial pilot is for the service to be implemented across 5 localities within Greater Manchester.



How are we evaluating it?

We are analysing routine data on referrals, attendances, refusals, and onward referrals by Greater Manchester Urgent Emergency Care Teams, to compare outcomes from the five localities in Greater Manchester that are piloting the intervention to the same outcomes from the five other localities in Greater Manchester that are not piloting the service.


We will also use data from the same period in the past year to compare changes in the outcomes to similar time periods in the past.


Doing this will allow us to compare the difference in the outcomes in the localities piloting the service to the corresponding difference in the outcomes for the localities that are not piloting. Taking the ‘difference of the differences' will allow us to examine if the pilot has had any effect on the intended outcomes.


We will additionally look at the economic, or financial, implications of the scheme by applying unit costs to each of the outcomes. This will allow us to compare the costs in the pilot sites with the corresponding costs in the non-pilot sites.



Who are we working with?



More information:


Senior Programme Lead


Mike Spence


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