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Exploring the evidence-based underpinning of strength prescription for people aged 65 years and older in the UK

What are we trying to do?

Strength recommendations have been embedded within the UK’s Chief Medical Officers’ physical activity guidelines (CMO PAG) since 2011.


In 2019, the strength recommendations were given a more prominent position on the infographic. However, there is limited evidence that these recommendations have been successful in their population-wide dissemination. 


We are exploring the response to the CMO PAG (in relation to strength training) and evidence whether they have:


  • Been adopted into routine referral pathways
  • Are adhered to by exercise specialists in practice
  • Been understood by older adults.



Why is this important?

We will use this knowledge (and any barriers to adoption) to further develop the effectiveness of our referral pathways, exercise interventions, and improve subsequent dissemination strategies of more detailed, strength guidelines.


How are we doing it?

We are conducting semi-structured interviews with:


  • Older adults to determine whether the guidelines have reached their intended audience and if so, determine if they have made a change to their exercise routines as a result.
  • Exercise specialists to explore whether CMO strength guidelines have informed/changed practice.



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Programme Manager
Gill Rizzello





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