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Laying the foundations for a wider evaluation of ‘Live Well’ and related policies in Greater Manchester

What are we trying to do?

This research project lays the foundations for a longer-term evaluation of the Greater Manchester Live Well programme.



Why is it important?

This work is important to local Greater Manchester policy makers as it will help to shape the wider roll-out of the Live Well programme, as well as helping to evaluate the overall effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the interventions being implemented as part of the Live Well programme.


Our work will also support partners to share, access and understand data and qualitative intelligence together, contribute to the growth of community health approaches and in turn, help address inequalities with the citizens of Greater Manchester.



How are we doing it?

  • Developing and refining separate Evaluation and Research Strategies aligned to Live Well.
  • Developing of a logic model/theory of change linking Live Well to short, medium, and longterm outcomes and exploring mechanisms that may be on the causal pathway between Live Well and improved health and wellbeing and more sustainable health and care systems.
  • Establishing the baseline position in terms of research activity that is currently ongoing in Greater Manchester linked to Live Well and related initiatives.
  • Establishing a baseline position in terms of metrics, so that change over time can be assessed and linked back to Live Well
  • Identifying potential areas to target interventions.




This research is funded via an £20,000 award from Policy@Manchester



Who are we working with?



More information:



Senior Programme Lead


Mike Spence 

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