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Understanding Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Referrals across Greater Manchester

What are we trying to do? 
We know that approximately 25% of referrals made to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) across Greater Manchester (GM) are rejected. We want to understand why this happens and how we can improve the process of referring to CAMHS to ensure that young people and their families receive timely and appropriate support.  

Why is it important?  
We want to reduce the distress to young people and their families caused by receiving a ‘rejected’ referral and to reduce the time wasted by services reviewing ‘inappropriate’ referrals.  

How are we doing it?  
We will work with mental health providers and GM mental health leads to understand the problems of CAMHS referrals across GM. We will explore referral data across GM, and consult widely with people who refer to CAMHS (GPs, school staff), as well as with young people and their families, to understand the barriers and enablers to making appropriate referrals. We will also explore the CAMHS referral data to understand the referral pathways and explore inequalities in accessing the service.

Who are we working with?  
We are working with mental health providers across GM, GPs, school staff, young people and their families across GM to understand the challenges of making appropriate referrals.  

More information

Programme Manager

 Alison Littlewood