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Use of the Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool (CSNAT) to support carers at hospital discharge


What did we do?­

We developed and released an online training version of The CSNAT Approach training (


The CSNAT is an evidence-based and comprehensive measure of carer support needs, intended for use within end-of-life care. It was developed in response to an absence of any tool which enabled carers’ support needs to be directly identified and addressed.


The CSNAT is designed to be used alongside The CSNAT Approach that guides the assessment and follow-up process. Those seeking to use the CSNAT in practice are required to take part in The CSNAT Approach training and apply for a licence, both of these are provided at no cost.


To date the CSNAT research team has trained practitioners in 117 organisations in the UK. Training has also been provided for people from Canada, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and the USA, with further training planned in Portugal and Norway.


Why was it important?

Traditional face to face training for The CSNAT Approach comprises a one day face-to-face training workshop and three remote sessions, facilitated by members of the CSNAT research team. This delivery model is unsustainable and limits the scaling up of CSNAT across the wider NHS and to other international healthcare organisations.


The development of an online platform to replace the face-to-face training has enabled the spread of CSNAT training nationally and internationally. Potentially, it will also provide the medium to host future CSNAT developments regarding differing disease typologies.


How did we do it?

  • We designed and developed a pilot training package of The CSNAT Approach

  • We recruited organisations across the UK to test the feasibility of using this online training package as a replacement for the face to face training.

  • We incorporated the feedback provided by the practitioners using the pilot training package

  • We developed and released the first live version of The CSNAT Approach online training and implementation toolkit.


Who did we work with?

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

University of Manchester

University of Cambridge


Downloadable Resources


More information

For further information please contact Michael Spence (Programme Manager)