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Digital Care Homes

What are we trying to do?

We are working with Health Innovation Manchester, the University of Salford, care home providers, and industry partner Safe Steps Ltd to address some of the challenges being faced in terms of data and support for care homes during COVID-19 and beyond.

Why is it important?

A digital tool for falls prevention in care homes had been adopted for roll-out at scale across Greater Manchester (GM) pre-COVID. This tool has now been adapted to collect resident data on COVID-19 symptoms as well as other key indicators including delirium. The Digital Care Homes C19 tracker summarises care home residents’ status in a dashboard that provides critical information to care home staff, community response teams, locality hubs, and primary care, supporting timely management. The C19 tracker data will be combined with data on staffing levels, residency occupancy levels and personal protective equipment (PPE) availability to create a single integrated COVID dashboard.

The deployment of this tool offers an immediate, potential, tactical solution to some of the challenges being faced in terms of data and support for care homes, and enables the transition of care under COVID-19 from crisis to “business-as-usual” and with potential longer-term strategic benefits for care homes, their residents and the wider system (service as well as research benefits) via a detailed understanding of the barriers and facilitators to digital technologies adoption.

How will we do it?

The evaluation is a mixed methods study:


  • The quantitative evaluation includes description of care homes using/not using the C19 tracker; description of data entry/completeness from user care homes; cost-consequences analyses and a controlled before-and-after study exploring C19 tracker tool use versus reduced or increased COVID incidence.


  • The qualitative evaluation aims to describe the impact of the C19 tracker on decision-making in the GM health and care system, its impact on care processes and resident and population outcomes, and describe the perceptions of key stakeholders in relation to the adoption, implementation and potentially wider roll-out of the tracker tool. 

Who are we working with?


More information

For more information please contact William Whittaker (Quantitative Lead) or Pauline Nelson (Qualitative Lead).