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GP Access Fund Evaluation

What are we trying to do?

We are working in collaboration with Mott MacDonaldNHS England and SQW to undertake a national evaluation of the second wave of the Prime Minister’s GP Access Fund (GPAF), previously known as the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund. The GPAF initiative aims “to improve access to general practice and stimulate innovative ways of providing primary care services”, and consists of 37 pilot schemes across England, serving 10.5 million patients.


Why is it important?

In view of the considerable investment being made in the expansion of access to primary care services nationwide, NHS England has commissioned this evaluation to explore the extent to which the core objectives of the GPAF programme are met.


How will we doing it?

The evaluation employs a multi-method approach, collecting and analysing both qualitative and quantitative data, and is made up of three key workstreams:


  • Workstream A: focused on assessing the additional hours and appointments being provided, measuring satisfaction, looking at impacts on the wider health system, identifying which models are most effective and helping to demonstrate value and return on investment of the GPAF
  • Workstream B: supporting identification of successful innovations and the conditions of their success
  • Workstream C: identifying and describing the features (in terms of structures, processes and capabilities) required for effective collaborative working between general practices.


Who are we working with?

Mott MacDonald

NHS England 



More information

For more information please contact Michael Spence (Programme Manager) or Professor Damian Hodgson (Academic Lead).