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PhD study: Supporting family carers of people with dementia towards end-of-life

What are the aims of the study?
This study will explore the specific and generic support needs of home-based family carers of people living with dementia towards the end-of-life, adapt the existing Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool (CSNAT) to dementia care and test the feasibility of the adapted CSNAT within the local context.

Why is it important?
The vital role taken on by unpaid family carers enables many people living with dementia to continue to reside at home. However, family carers can experience significant physical, psychological, social, spiritual and financial challenges, which often escalate as the person with dementia approaches the end-of-life. Appropriate support at this time can help lessen these challenges and so enhance the wellbeing of both the family carer and the person with dementia.

Who is the PhD student?
Sara Yearsley commenced her PhD with us in September 2015. Prior to this, Sara worked as a District Nurse where a key part of her role was to offer palliative care and support to patients and their families in their own homes.

Who else is involved?
Professor Gunn Grande and Dr Helen Pusey are supervising this PhD study. This study is based in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work at the University of Manchester.


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More information
For more information please contact Sara Yearsley.