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Development of a learning health system for stroke in Greater Manchester (CHC Stroke)- Workstream 3: Intracerebral Haemorrhage (ICH)

What did we do?

We aimed to reduce death and disability as a result of Intracerebral Haemorrhage (ICH) by:

  • Developing and introducing an app that provides live data for use in the treatment of ICH in the acute care setting.

  • Using existing databases in NHS trusts within Greater Manchester to establish the quality of current ICH monitoring and management and seek improvement to current clinical practice in secondary care.


Why is it important?

For patients who suffer an ICH there are a number of measures which are required immediately in the acute setting that will reduce the risk of death and disability.  Recent quality improvement work in SRFT using a dedicated ICH care bundle reduced the 30-day fatality rates following ICH by 9.2%, however this only accounts for 25% of referrals in the whole of Greater Manchester. 


The introduction of the ICH app across all Greater Manchester trusts has the potential to improve care and outcomes for approximately 400 patients per year. 


How did we do it?           

Using existing data collected within NHS trusts we identified key factors that are associated with higher mortality and disability rates in patients suffering from ICH. These factors were incorporated into the ICH app to provide a better care pathway to ensure timely referral to the correct neurosurgical department, and optimal treatment for all ICH patients. We successfully introduced the ICH care bundle app within Fairfield General Hospital (Pennine Acute) and Stockport NHS Foundation Trust with a view to implementing the ICH app across all 12 acute trusts in Greater Manchester in the future. 


Who did we work with?

Connected Health Cities

University of Manchester/Health e-Research Centre

GM Stroke Operational Delivery Network

Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust


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More information
For more information please contact Alison Littlewood (Programme Manager)