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Listening to Young People's Voices

Our session listening to young people’s voices highlighted the creative and imaginative ways in which young people have been involved in research.


There are a lot of barriers that prevent young people from accessing the support they need, by acting as advocates raising awareness and understanding, they can help influence service provision.  There is a lot of value in what young people have to say and they want to be asked.


Key learning from the sessions:  

  • Inclusion of young people may lead to important outcomes for the young person including developing new skills and confidence which may help their personal development and be of value to them in developing their CVs

  • Including young people in research can be a game changer but there is a lack of awareness that involvement and engagement opportunities exist and what benefit it can bring for all involved. Improving awareness of the opportunities in schools and colleges is a key action

  • Young people are passionate and knowledgeable about mental health in particular

  • Research methods training is usually created by adults for adults. If we are to involve more young people, we need to tailor our approaches more to their needs

  • Young people are often experiencing periods of great change in their lives. The longevity of young people’s involvement is often seen as a measure of adopting the right approach   Flexibility needs to be factored into the approach and hybrid methods available enabling young people to continue to engage when they may be away from home or limited by school/college hours

  • We need to educate researchers about how to explain their research to young people. They need to prepare properly and ensure materials are accessible. Involvement can be fun using more creative styles will help attract different audiences  



Presentations from the Listening to Young People's Voices sessions

Young Person's Advisory Group Member Presentation

Kainat Nafees and Aneela McAvoy

How the Planet DIVOC-91 Project connected diverse and marginalised communities of young adults across the world in COVID research and engagement.

Annie Keane & Voice Up (Young Person’s Advisory Group)

CAMHS Digital Presentation

Jessica Kenworthy

Introduction to Nurturing Foundations

Celeste Makeba & Aneela McAvoy

Digital inclusion - An evaluation of 42nd Street’s online support

Rebecca Pedley & Beckie Gosling

Research Methods. Learning for Young People

Gail Davidge