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We are committed to ensure that our work is used in practice, influences decision making and assists with the design of future work; as part of this we have made all of our resources freely available to download.

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A qualitative study of professional stakeholders’ perceptions about the implementation of a stepped care pain platform for people experiencing chronic widespread pain
Selective permeability of boundaries in a knowledge brokering team

Cross CLAHRC GM Research

Author(s): Kislov R

Journal: Public Administration

Work completed under CLAHRC GM


Psychological morbidity and general health among family caregivers during end-of-life cancer care: A retrospective census survey
Learning from the emergence of NIHR Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRCs): a systematic review of evaluations
Tailoring lifestyle interventions to lowsocio-economic populations: a qualitativestudy
Strategies, facilitators and barriers to implementation of evidence-based practice in community nursing: a systematic mixed-studies review and qualitative synthesis
Feasibility of assessing the needs of stroke patients after six months using the GM-SAT
Implementing new care models: learning from the Greater Manchester demonstrator pilot experience
The art of compromise: Co-production of evidence in applied health research. A 90-minute workshop

Compromise in co-production of applied health research

Author(s): Kislov R, Wilson P, Knowles S, & Boaden R

Journal: BMJ Journals

Work completed under CLAHRC GM


From research evidence to ‘evidence by proxy’? Organisational enactment of evidence-based healthcare in four high-income countries
Person-centred mental health care: the challenge of implementation
Comparison of active treatments for impaired glucose regulation: a Salford Royal Foundation Trust and Hitachi collaboration (CATFISH): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
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