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We are committed to ensure that our work is used in practice, influences decision making and assists with the design of future work; as part of this we have made all of our resources freely available to download.

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Working in a system-level knowledge mobilisation initiative: Experience and reflections on the first 5 years in the NIHR CLAHRC Greater Manchester
Type 2 diabetes: Making prevention a priority
The hidden aspects of stroke

Presenter(s): Rothwell K

Venue: The Stroke Association UK Stroke Forum Conference

Work completed under CLAHRC GM


Replication of a new, evidence-based preventative Health Trainer service for people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Impaired glucose tolerance – Bolton Health Trainers

Presenter(s): Betzlbacher A

Venue: International Society for Quality in Healthcare Conference

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Work completed under CLAHRC GM


Improving the physical health care of people with severe and enduring mental illness
Improving Physical Health for People with Severe and Enduring Mental Illness: Developing Integrated Care Pathways to Support Physical and Mental Wellbeing
“It’s Delightful Banter”: Community Group Friendships and Self-Management Support for Vascular Ill Health
Connecting to local networks of support: a qualitative study exploring the role of voluntary and community groups in long term condition management
The NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) Greater Manchester

Presenter(s): Boaden R

Venue: The Greater Manchester Primary Care Summit, Salford

Work completed under CLAHRC GM


A Constellation of Disconnected Practices: Boundaries in a Healthcare Boundary Spanning Initiative

Presenter(s): Kislov R

Venue: Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando

Work completed under CLAHRC GM


CKD practice development meeting: Robert Darbishire Practice
Working together for health: A qualitative study exploring the role of the third sector for chronic condition management

Research priorities in mental health

Presenter(s): Morris R

Venue: HSRN Symposium, Nottingham

Work completed under CLAHRC GM


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